jfBroadcast is a Java based AutoDialer. Broadcasts a message and/or take a survey with the option to transfer the call to another destination.
Features unliminted lines (limited by bandwidth) with g711u/a, g729a and RFC 2833.
Tested with Asterisk PBX.

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Compiling / Javadoc
cd /
cd /projects/jfbroadcast
In any of these folders you can run 'ant javadoc' to create javadoc API references.
Q:How does the human/machine detection work?
A:After the volume goes over the greeting threshold a period of silence is needed below the silence threshold to assume the greeting has finished. Probably best to show with a picture:

Q:What are the error codes displayed?
A:These are standard SIP error codes generated by your SIP server which you can find a listing here: Sip Codes on WikiPedia